Leading Deck Builder In Ridgefield CT Outline The Benefits Of Using Vinyl

Decks are incredible structures that can increase the aesthetic appeal of any home. They also provide functional value, creating space where you and your loved ones can enjoy the outdoors. If you are planning to install a new deck, there are various materials to choose from. In this post, we will go through some of the perks of allowing your deck builder in Ridgefield CT to use vinyl.

We recommend vinyl for its durability. This material is a top choice for modern homeowners because it is water-resistant. This makes it immune to mold, mildew, rotting and warping. Moreover, vinyl is pest resistant, meaning you do not have to worry about termites and other insects that cause lumber damage.

Contrary to popular belief, vinyl is also quite strong and can withstand pressure from heavy foot traffic. It can also hold heavy furniture and outdoor equipment without cracking, scratching, or breaking. We also prefer this material because unlike wood, it is designed not to splinter. You can expect vinyl decks to last for over three decades with proper care.

It is hard to talk about the perks of vinyl without mentioning its ease of maintenance. This material is easier to maintain, especially when compared to wood. It does not require sanding or staining, and all you have to do is sweep and clean your deck regularly.

Compared to vinyl, installing wooden decks tends to be more expensive and time-intensive. In case you already have a wooden structure that appears worn out and unsightly, we can cover it up using vinyl. This will revive its appearance and provide outstanding protection from further damage to the structure beneath.

We are insured contractors with a license to handle decking projects in Ridgefield, CT. You can count on us to help you with the design work and construct a structure that makes your outdoors an appealing extension of your interiors. Other materials we can use during a project include pressure-treated wood, cedar, redwood, tropical hardwoods, and composite.