Picking A Pergola Installer In Newtown CT

If you are looking for a way to enlarge your living space, without the cost of a home addition, adding a beautiful and functional shaded structure may be the answer. A pergola is defined as an outdoor architectural feature that forms a passageway, sitting area or passageway outdoors. It usually is constructed of vertical posts supporting cross beams and an open lattice. Woody vining plants may be trained to help with additional shading. Araujo Decking is your go-to pergola installer in Newtown CT.

Being able to enjoy the outdoors is a key reason for adding a shade structure of this type to your home adds value to the house should you decide to sell. It also provides enjoyment for the inhabitants looking for a place to entertain or to occupy youngsters playing games. The shade features reduce the likelihood of sunburn.

In addition to the basic structure, there are additional elements that can be added to further enhance the outdoor living opportunities. These include features such as lounges, music, big-screen television and kitchen or bar features. One of these structures provides a sheltered passageway between house and pool or garden.

There are increasing levels of protection which the shaded space offers. You might want to screen portions, or to make covered roofing available. This makes a difference in the temperature and can result in more early spring or late fall use of the space.

Our professional design team has the knowledge and experience to ensure that you end up with the highest possible quality and customer satisfaction when the project is complete. You will have a comfortable and attractive area which will withstand summer storms, as well as the cold temperatures of winter. There is a variety of available material choices from which to pick, and the designs can be modern or classic in nature.