Different Types Of Pergolas In Newtown CT

If you are considering a patio installation project, there are good reasons to consider getting a pergola. This is a feature that can expand your outdoor living space and even enhance its visual appeal. We can help you set a structure for dining, entertaining guests or lounging. If you need pergolas in Newtown CT, we can lend a hand in ensuring your project creates an elegant transition from your indoors to your outdoors.

Pergolas differ in terms of the materials used and their overall style. We also classify these structures with regard to their roofing design. A traditional pergola has an open roof with trellises to allow vines to grow across. Even so, the majority of structures are either partially or completely covered to provide shelter from rain and direct sun.

There are two main options to choose from; flat-roofed or gabled. A gabled pergola features cladding with ridge made from joining two sloping sides together. The flat-roofed or Skillion structure has a somewhat leveled roofing system. While the gable design offers better airflow and keeps the structure cool, the flat-roofed design is sturdier and less vulnerable to damage from strong winds.

We can help you choose the most ideal design for your home. Consider aspects such as the purpose of a structure, its location and how it can drastically transform your home. Other aspects we encourage our clients to consider include where the sun rises and sets and also the usual direction of the wind.

Our aim is to give you a pergola that is both functional and practical. Before choosing the installation location, also check your surroundings and think about aspects such as additional shade and privacy. Our skilled experts can also table ideas to ensure you select materials, colors and an overall style that will make your pergola cohesive with the current design of your home.