Sustainable Materials And Practices That Deck Builder In Newtown CT Should Consider

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, it is important for industries of all fields to adopt sustainable practices. This includes the construction industry, and in particular, deck builders. When constructing outdoor spaces, it remains essential to consider not only the aesthetic and functional aspects of the project but also the environmental impact. We encourage property owners to adopt sustainable materials and practices, so deck builders can minimize their carbon footprint while still delivering a high-quality product. This post highlights top sustainable materials and practices that every deck builder in Newtown CT should consider when planning and constructing outdoor spaces.

Reclaimed Wood

The use of reclaimed wood gives us and excellent sustainable decking option because it is salvaged from old buildings, warehouses, and other structures. Reclaimed wood has a natural, weathered look that adds character and charm to modern decks. This is also durable and resistant to rot and insects, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use. Also, we have Deck restoration service where we clean and treat reclaimed woods to remove any contaminants that could be harmful to the environment or your health. We have reputable suppliers who provide us with documentation proving that these woods have been ethically sourced.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is made from a combination of wood fibers and recycled plastic. It;s a sustainable alternative to traditional wood we recommend for decking. This option requires less maintenance, lasts longer, and is less susceptible to rot and insect damage. Additionally, composite decking comes in a variety of colors and styles, making it a versatile option for any design. We use certified composite decking products that are made from at least 50% recycled materials.

Aluminum Decking

We advocate for Aluminum decking as a sustainable alternative to traditional wood and composite decking because it is 100% recyclable. Aluminum decks require very little maintenance. It is also durable and resistant to fire, insects, and rot. Additionally, aluminum decking is lightweight and easy to install, making it a popular choice for DIY builders. A reliable Deck Contractor works with suppliers who can provide us with ethically sourced products and 100% recyclable.

Solar Lighting

We install solar lighting as a sustainable and energy-efficient way to illuminate your decks. Solar lights are powered by the sun, so they do not require any electricity, making them an eco-friendly option. Additionally, solar lights come in a variety of styles and sizes, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your decks. We use products that are made from durable materials and are weather-resistant for your solar installation. We also guide you to get solar lights that have a long battery life and are bright enough to provide adequate lighting for your decks.