Wood Deck Restoration In Danbury In 5 Steps

Homeowners face the same issues when it comes to their patios. The elements, kids, pets and frequent use can cause wear and tear over the years. The damage and appearance can be so affected that you have to undertake repairs. Here is how to carry out wood deck restoration in Danbury in 5 easy steps.

Inspect the verandah

Our deck refinishing contractor will start by thoroughly inspecting the area. For effective results, get rid of any dirt and debris from the verandah. We will check the ground, posts, rails and the area connecting to the house. We will examine the material, screws, joints, posts, and stairs for structural and cosmetic damage and rot.

Get cleaning

You should clean your veranda at least once a year. If well maintained, then your space will just need to be thoroughly cleaned to revive it. We will use some cleaning products or chemicals, a brush, a mop and a garden hose. Alternatively, we can pressure wash it, especially if there are stubborn stains. Then we will allow the area to dry thoroughly.

Fix any damage

We can carry out residential deck replacement and repair any warped or broken boards. In case most of the boards are damaged, then a total overhaul will be necessary.

Sand the Patio

It might be necessary to sand the space. If the area is old or it has been repaired multiple times before, then we will have to sand it. Sanding makes it possible to even the surface or get rid of old paint and stains. The next step after sanding will be to seal the surface.


Once the space is clean and dry, our professionals can go to work and stain the floor. The stain will give a uniform and clean look. It will also serve to protect the space from harsh weather elements like the sun and rain.